Monday: What I’m Reading



If we’re defining favorite books by ones that you never tire of reading, mine would have to be Jean Auel’s Valley of the Horses (Earth’s Children #2).

While I’m in the middle of quite a few reads (J.D. Salinger’s Nine Stories, Finn Mac Cool by Morgan Llywelyn, and Book of Life by Deborah Harkness to name a few) I’m actively reading this one. Rereading, rather. I’ve read this series since I was a preteen and found Mammoth Hunters hidden in a nook on my parent’s shelves. (Disclaimer: There is some pretty graphic sex in these books and probably not something you want to hand to your preteen… I was a voracious reader and my parents were unable to keep this book from me once I discovered it.)

We were living in a house at the time where my father had built bookshelves around the entire place. The hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms were all lined with bookshelves on the wall and all of them were stuffed to the gills with books. I found this one tucked away and just loved it. Over the years I lost track of it but found it again years later. I was delighted to find out that it was part of a series and began from the beginning. Of all the books in the series, Valley of the Horses became my absolute favorite read.

Some books have memories tied to them. For me, for this book, there is no such thing. I’ve read it so very many times over my life that I’ve completely destroyed two copies of it and am now on my third. There is no one memory that I can associate with this book, but a myriad of feelings that I had while reading it at different times in my life.

This book will always have a place in my heart and as such, on my shelf. I highly recommend reading the series if you haven’t yet. Fantastic historical fiction.

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!


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I’m excited to announce that my first full product pattern is in the testing phase right now!!

It is a crocheted Christmas graphed hat and already one of my testers has had an offer to buy her final product! :D

pompom shirley

Shirley of Royal Empress Designs made the beauty above after working tirelessly with me through the night to tweak my pattern into something great. :D Less than 12 hours into finishing, she’d already had an offer to buy! :D

The final pattern will be available on Craftsy, Etsy, and possibly Ravelry in the next few days once the testing is completed. :D

What’s To Come…

What have I been up to, you ask?

A little bit of this…

A little bit of that…

Trying to create some passive income with Bubblews

In just about any way I can…

I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like. I’ve been crocheting, transcribing, and writing so much that my fingers are in a state of near constant pain.

But it is worth it. I’m starting to see a bit of uptake in sales which is awesome. Passive income is absolutely great, once you get past the creation aspect of it.

I’m super hyped about the new direction that my life is taking and as such, I’m going to offer a free crochet graph pattern here in the next few days.

Now… I just might try to grab a few quiet moments with a book before starting my work day anew.

Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead Slouchy Skull Hat!


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What have I spent the better part of a week working on?

A Day of the Dead hat!

It took me days of working on this hat in bits and pieces for me to be able to finally finish it up. It was one of those moments where when I finally finished it, I almost wanted to take it on a run around the block with me, holding it above my head and screaming in exaultation the whole way.

I have never been so glad to finish a project!

Now… What to do next?

Banned Books Week was somewhat of a bust for me. I finished up J.R. Ward’s The King (which would surely be banned from any school library that accidentally let it in, so it should count!) and then visited the library to find something good for the week. I picked up Animal Farm to reread and Nine Stories by Salinger. I’m almost midway through Nine Stories and I’ve found it to be offbeat but good. :) It’s actually my first Salinger read (I believe) and I’ll probably be picking up more in the future.

A Little Musing on Banned Books Week 2014

Someone somewhere in the world picks up a book and within pages is horrified. Perhaps they didn’t read the book themselves, they just read the jacket or heard the horrified murmurs of parents at their child’s school.

“Have you heard of Harry Potter! Blaspheme!”

“Hunger Games dares to ignore my preferred religious sector! BAN IT”

“Captain Underpants is disgusting! No one should be reading that filth!”

In my mind I see these conversations taking place in a dark back room filled with whispers and furtive glances. Later, there are pitchforks and burning pyres of books.

I laugh in the face of these people. First up, let’s address the whole issue of ‘banning’ a book. As we live in the land of the free, home of the brave, no one can tell me or mine what to read or rather, what not to read. Can they take it out of the schools? Absolutely. After all, schools are a place where one has to ask for permission just to void one’s bladder, I don’t expect to find broad, open-minded quests for knowledge within a standard institutional school.

But by removing these books from schools (and their libraries) we do our children a disservice. If we all read the same books, we’ll hold the same conversations, and think the same thoughts. Reading books that don’t sit well with our delicate sensibilities helps us to grow as a species. How can one think outside the box if one doesn’t even know it exists?

But therein lies the issue for many on the banning books bandwagon. After all, we should all think the same, dress the same, carry on our lives in the exact same manner. By melting pot, we truly mean one is to lose sense of self in the vast majority and become a carbon copy of the status quo…

Don’t we?

I have to hope not. In history the minds that we laud as the greatest have always pushed the boundaries of (what was then) contemporary thinking. To take that away is to take away one of the most basic freedoms that every person should enjoy: The freedom to hold within one’s mind the thoughts and ideas of one’s choosing. To silence a book is to kill an idea. Eradication is a terrifying word.

Next up, what exactly is the goal of banning these books? As one opposed to any type of oppression or censorship so long as all parties involved are consensual, I admit that I may not be the right person to expose the thinking of one who doesn’t like something and then deems it unworthy for the general population to partake.

I feel pressed to address the issue of ‘banning’ though. We all know exactly where that leads. From the time we are children, the forbid fruit has always been imagined to be the juiciest, most flavorful of all. Why then, would one attempt to blanket ban something in order to encourage children to not partake in it? It seems contrary to the idea behind it. If in fact, one wants to ensure that the book dies before it is read by more than a handful of people would it not in effect be better to simply ignore it as opposed to fanning the flames of fame by attempting to remove it from the figurative bubble one mistakenly believes their child inhabits?

I think so.

Yet and still we have books that have been banned for one reason or another. Hunger Games apparently upset the ‘only my religion is the religion’ folks. Captain Underpants was deemed offensive and too old for the age group (to which I’d question, who exactly should read this offering if not the age group for which it was written?) while Thirteen Reasons Why was obviously banned by persons who have never met a teenager in their lives. Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye… Well even I’m not sure why that one was banned. For truth, it doesn’t seem to me that it is a bad thing to address beauty standards and how that affects our youth. I haven’t read that one so I’m going to have to add it to my list. :D

See that? A book I didn’t even know existed is now on my ‘must read, have to buy’ list. Thank you, censors, for giving me another reason to visit the bookstore or library. Your plan is working! People everywhere know about the books you deem unacceptable (Google will let you know exactly which places are the ones to spark the ‘ban this’ craze for individual titles) and this week, we’re all taking a moment from our regularly scheduled reading to ensure these lovely authors get paid more so that they may go on to read books that ruffle your delicate feathers.

Banned Books Week 2014

banned books

Over the years I’ve read a multitude of banned books. Sometimes this is with the purpose of making sure I’m reading what someone, somewhere has deemed ‘unacceptable’ and sometimes I just happen upon a read that intrigues me and find out later that others find it unacceptable.

This year I decided to take a gander at what has been banned recently. The ALA has listed out books by year. Funnily enough two of the series I have given to my kids to read have been on the banned lists: Bone and Captain Underpants.

Now, I’ll go ahead and admit here that Captain Underpants has never been my favorite kid series. Frankly, I found it a bit gross but when my kids show an interest in a book I just can’t say no. Reading is fundamental, people. So my boys have read pretty much every one in that series. Bones was something I threw their way because it was recommended on Goodreads based on another series they loved. They didn’t particularly care for it and read only one or two from the series. No sweat off my back, I’m only the provider of reading material. I learned awhile back that there is no use forcing oneself to like a book. There are too many fantastic books that have been written to waste time plodding through something that doesn’t capture your interest.

So it looks like I’ll have to delve a little farther into the past years to find something banned for the chits to read. As for myself… Well there are a ton of great books that might call for a reread this week or I might pick up something new. I’m currently entrenched in J.R. Ward’s The King but as the next book in the series isn’t due to publish until next year I want to savor this one a bit so I’ll probably put it down to pick up something tantalizing for BBW. I’m leaning towards a reread of George Orwell’s Animal Farm as I haven’t read it in years and absolutely loved it the first few times I read it.

What are you reading this week in honor of Banned Books Week?

Paranormal/Fantasy Writing Sample


The shock of light that had emitted from her hands as she clapped them together alarmed her. Her mood immediately shifted from white hot anger to extreme curiosity merged with not a little fear. What kind of disease came with spontaneous bursts of blue electricity? She had never seen such a ludicrous color combination in the natural word, not in the form of any type of energy. Then again, she’d never actually seen lightening first hand. Maybe it was a vibrant blue and she’d just been viewing it wrong this whole time.

Or maybe fucking sparks had just emitted from her body. “I have to go.” She managed to say into the phone sounding no more than just annoyed. Since FedEx obviously didn’t care about her happiness, as was obvious by the package that had yet to arrive to her customer, she doubted that the abrupt end to their call had fazed them much.

She rubbed her fingers together a bit before taking off her Bluetooth. She’d just bought it and there was no way that she was going to ruin the expensive device by shocking it with whatever leftover current may or may not be running through her body. The moment she’d set down the item she was examining her hands. Nothing seemed to be off about them, beyond the fact that she might need to refresh her manicure.

The knock on her door was brisk and for a moment her inner hippie ran through the list of bad reasons for a cop-like knock to be sounding through her apartment. As she strode towards the entryway she called out, “Who is it?”


Of course, it had to be somebody that Titan knew as he was currently padding past her likely on his way back to his food bowl that was full of freshly killed deer, his favorite.

She opened the door after checking the peephole for a second.

“What’s up?” She was trying to sound chipper but her inner self was in turmoil at the odd occurrence that had just happened.

The music blasting in the background hit her in the face as soon as Emma opened the door. Her appearance was framed by a screaming man proclaiming that he had a thing for love.

As she glanced her over Darla was surprised that though her energy was foggy she showed no signs of a struggle. The burst of power that she’d felt had led her to believe she would be walking in on at least a few wizards, though how they’d found her she was unclear.

“Are you alright?” She asked as Emma stepped back in invitation.

“Yeah…” As Emma trailed off Darla took a closer look at her.

“Did something happen?”


Romance Writing Sample


He grunted as he crossed the threshold in her apartment. Bumping into a table wasn’t the best feeling when carrying an injured person. Running with her had been great until the whole snake incident.

But they weren’t talking about that.

As he felt his way to the counter she continued to argue with him.

“We are in my house now. Put me down. Now.” She was agitated as she looked at him but little did she know that all he could focus on was her slightly reddened cheeks and narrowed eyes. She looked cute when she was mad… But he wouldn’t bring that up because she’d already gone on a long tangent when he’d pointed out that her pissed off face when he had first scooped her up was kind of sexy. He hadn’t realized that was considered a bad thing. He’d dated some women who made faces that were ugly when they were mad. He didn’t want to ever wake up to that. He could imagine waking up to her angry face in the morning. He liked to start his day off on a humorous note and that face would certainly spark his interest.


She glared up at his smirking face. She saw the mirth in his eyes and instantly began to struggle. He easily pinned her arms to him as he almost cuddled her to him. Nope. She thought instantly, panic setting in. I will not like this man.

“Right now you are holding me against my will. I’ve asked you to put me down and you’re… ignoring my request.” She stumbled over the last bit as he suddenly jerked to a stop. She marveled as he set her down gently and wondered why she hadn’t tried that earlier.

“I would never want you to do anything… against your will.” He murmured in her ear as he tucked a piece of hair back. The shiver that went through her was thrilling.

She tilted her face up towards his and leaned in as she breathed in the scent of him. It was funny how weird smells worked. She’d dated men in the past whose smell when they were working out completely turned her off but a whiff of him sweaty and she was ready to drop to her knees and get to work.

His eyes burned bright as he read her body language. “I guess you’re not as hurt as I thought you were.” His baritone rumbled from his chest on the verge of a growl. His eyes raked up and down her body as he spoke.





I was recently overcome with the need to write articles under my own (pen)name again. Mainly because one of the places I used to write for has closed its doors and I need a new place to host my writing samples. I decided to look into Bubblews and you know what I found out? I can publish anything there. Anything.

This goes for content that I’ve already published elsewhere (so long as that doesn’t invalidate the other publishing rights). That goes for blog posts. Book reviews. Insane ramblings in the middle of the night that no one wants to entertain except for other insomniacs on the interwebz.

Oh, the possibilities…

Oh yeah, you get paid for views, likes, and comments. Not much, but still residual income ftw! :D

Check me out:

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Not much content atm but if you know me, you know I like a good place to ramble away. More to come! :D

Make yourself an account, create some content, and link up with me there. I’d love to read what you write!

Houston, We Have a Problem



Of course, the week when I am most dependent upon technology, it fails me. My computer crashed at the beginning of this week (I desperately need a new one) and it was only brought back to life last night. Thank goodness for techie boyfriends!

So this has pushed everything back a week. No fear, the ebook is still coming out! I just need to catch back up with life…

Speaking of catching up, looking at my reading stats on Goodreads one would think I’m woefully behind and never going to catch up. According to GR, I’ve read 38 measly books this year. My goal is 150! Usually I’d have upped that count a bit with the 48 Hour Book Challenge but as I had to skip that this year, I didn’t get that bump. Still, I read a lot and it didn’t make sense that I’ve read so little. Then I looked at the content that I’ve been reading. The number is even lower than that as some of those books are the chits’. Sigh.

It seems as though life is interfering with my reading once again. Where is my fairy godmother to bless with me with infinite resources so that I might enjoy a good book again?


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