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Last night’s workout was a success. Though, I must say, I’m not sure if my neighbors would say the same. At one point near the end of the walk, my backside went into full-on Charley horse mode with my thighs trying to compete to see which could make me tip over first.

“Leave me. Save yourself!” I gasped as I bent over and tried to massage the pain from my legs.

My sister laughed at me (her soul is black as night) and tried to prod me along. I did finally make it through the walk and when I got home and input it into mapmyrun, I found something awesome. I’d burned enough calories to eat something else.

Now, that then negated my walk and made me not burn more than I ate yesterday. However, it was my first day trying to maintain calorie loss so I’m going to give myself a one-time use pass. I’m considering yesterday my ‘cheat’ day (a day I plan to have, tops, twice a month).

So far today, I’m sipping on a low-cal energy drink (10 calories). Normally, I’d probably be four cups deep right now into sugar crammed coffee. Though my legs are screaming at me and the combo of Eve’s curse and my poor, overworked glutes are causing an ungainly limp, I’m still going to make sure I go out and get my workout in tonight.

Which means today requires some fitness crochet.

I already have a wrist wallet:

wristwallet use

Click the pic to see the pattern in Ravelry.

I put my keys in there and cash/a card. I’m planning to make a slightly longer one to fit my phone as well.

Today I’m going to make a water bottle carrier in order to keep my hands free for batting at the trillion spider webs that seem to float around my neighborhood at night:

waterbottlecarrier notmypic

Click to see the pattern on Ravelry.

Per usual I’m in the middle of many books. I just started ‘The Hate U Give’


I’m only a few pages in and it’s already made me cry.

I’m also rereading ‘The Witch’s Daughter’ in prep to read the next in the series, I’m still slowly savoring ‘1Q84’, and a myriad of other books are laying around waiting to be picked up at their proper moment.

I just finished ‘Big Magic’ which wasn’t that great (and certainly didn’t fulfill the expectations all the hype gave me) and ‘Wild Iris Ridge’ which was a fluffy romance that once again made me question why my book boyfriends are all so unattainable in real life.

On my hook today is a bag (long overdue birthday present for my sister), a pair of fingerless gloves (present for mom), and some playfood for mah Belle. I also have a bra in the works and a half-finished tank for myself that will lay in the WIP pile until I get more yarn in the right color. No pics atm but I’ll try to get a shot or two tomorrow to upload.

I’ve added a few new patterns to the subscription pack since I last posted about it. The count is well over 300 now but I haven’t recounted in awhile. I’m currently trying to figure out a better fitting band for my bra patterns and am contemplating the necessity of some fitting mannequins (the expense, though…).

What’s on your hooks or needles? How about your reading list?