Scrapbuster Belt

Scrapbuster Belt


Front zippered pouch

Japanese Knot Bag

Hobo Bag

Shoulder bag tutorial

Hobo Bag

Fabric Shopping Bag

Little Girl Pearl Purse


Baby legwarmers tutorial

I Spy Bag

Easy Diagonal Squares Baby Quilt

Making Recycled Fleece and/or Wool Longies

Nap Mat

Peasant Blouse

Stardust Baby Shoes

Teething Giraffe

Soft Baby Shoes

Easy Two Year Old Skirt

10 Minute Trousers

Shirred Top

Fabric Baby Grab Ball

Crayon and Paper Holder

Crayon Roll

Fabric Beach Ball

Itty Bitty Baby Dress

Fabric Doll House

Diaper Changing Pad

Bitty Booties

Kids’ Room

Very Pretty Night Light


Butterfly Costume

More Wings

Hair accessories

Covered Button Hair Tie


Chinese New Year

  1. Chinese New Year Envelope Place Setting
  2. Chinese New Year Paper Dragon


  1. African Violets Basket
  2. Clover and Eggs Basket
  3. Decorated Berry Baskets
  4. Decorating for Easter
  5. Paper Grass
  6. Spring Bulbs Basket
  7. Yarn Flowers


  1. Photoshop Christmas

  2. Scrap Stocking
  3. Christmas Mantle Swag Tutorial

  4. Felt Advent Calendar

  5. Folded Fabric Christmas Tree Napkins

  6. Poinsettia Pillows

  7. Felt Turtle Doves (the inkling network)

  8. Playful Partridge

  9. No-Sew Felt Tree Skirt

  10. Owl Ornaments

St. Patrick’s Day

Valentines Day

  1. Seed-Starter Valentine


Changeable Quilt Picture

DIY Felt Frame

Pretty Pillowcase Tutorial

Scrap Buster Fall Pillow

Home Accessories

Homemade Heating Pad


Origami Skirt

Snowglobe Shirt

Taking in jeans at center back waist

Kids’ Clothing

Scrappy Skirt Tutorial

Odds ‘N Ends

Amy Butler’s Sweet Greetings Portfolio

Business Card Keeper

Coffee Cup Sleeve

Travel Tissue Holder

Eye Pillow

Paper Flowers

Simple Coasters

Sewing Needle Case

Tin Can Cover

Makeup Brush Carrier

Easy Pin Cushion

Picture Frame Card

Water Bottle Carrier



Chips and Sandwich

Citrus Wheel

Fabric Eggs

Fabulously Fun Felt Foods

Felt Animal Cookies/Biscuits

Felt Brown Bag Lunch

Felt Cherry Pie

Felt Chinese Take Out Box

Felt Cupcake Delicious

Felted Eggs

Fabric Egg

Felt Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

Felt Lettuce

Felt M&M Cookies

Felt Shopping Bag

Felt Tomato Slice

Felt Pizza

Felt Food

Felt Orange Slices

Chenille Carrot

American Girl-Sized Poptarts

Felt Sushi

Felt Strawberries

Felt Food Ravioli


Felt Farfalle (Bowtie) Pasta

Egg & Orange Slices

Waffle Cone

Felt Doughnut w/Sprinkles

Goofy Grahams

Sewing Accessories

Scrappy Needle Keeper Tutorial


Basic stitches

Hand-sew felt

Knotting a needle

Ruffling without pulling


Baby’s Soft Book of Colors

Boy Poppet with Abs

Scrapbuster Crayon Roll

Scrap Buster Crayon Roll

Tute Link Pages/Blogs

Make Baby Stuff

Princess and the Monkey Tutorials

Sewing @ CraftGossip

2 thoughts on “Tutorials”

  1. As far as tutorials go you may want to check out our blog, http://americanfeltandcraft.wordpress.com/ we have tons of felt food tutorials and lots of other felt projects.


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