About Muttix

I’m not about to tell him that I am, just like Anna and Emma, an adulteress. My books are my secret lovers, the friends I run to to get away from the daily drudgeries of life, to try out something new, and yes, to get away, for a few hours, from him. He doesn’t need to know that my books are the affairs I do not have.

Quote from So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. To date I think it is the most fabulous quote about reading, eerily similar to my own feelings about books and reading.

I’m first and foremost a mama of three rowdy kids. I love them to pieces and the very air I in my lungs is only there because of their existence.

My first book 30+ Free Sites to Make Your Own Baby Food is available to download from Amazon for only $0.99! If you have a Kindle you can borrow and even lend it to other Kindle owners for free! That’s right, absotively, posilutely FREE. If you like, drop me a review.

I just opened up an Etsy shop in March 2014! (Don’t mind the opening date on the side, I’ve had the name saved since 2011. It takes me a minute to commit to things. 😉 ) Check out what I have to offer at http://www.etsy.com/shop/muttix

I spend my days writing, reading, taking care of my kids (the Chits), crafting, and enjoying life in the dirty South.




1 thought on “About Muttix”

  1. Sara Nelson from Publishers Weekly? Now that is a person who does some serious reading – she has no choice – that is her job!
    Happy Reading, Sara!

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