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I’ve been flirting with the idea of moving solely into digital items for awhile now but have yet to make the push. After all, there are so many great patterns, and so many ideas in my head, and I just wanted to get them out there.

However, this holiday season has made me realize that I want to go digital only from now on. So in 2015, there are no more physical items! I have one order that I’m finishing up from 2014 and that’s it.

In honor of this change, I’m going to run a sale here in the next couple days! 🙂 I’m also releasing another full pattern product, this one is a pair of fingerless gloves. Of course, because I know what it means to live on a tight budget, my patterns will still be affordable and I’ll still offer free patterns as well.

Remember to check me out on Craftsy, Etsy, and Ravelry! 🙂

Keep an eye out, pattern sales and new patterns to come!

As to my resolutions, this year I’m keeping it simple. I want to be more productive than I was last year, in all aspects of my life.

I’m currently listening to My Story by Elizabeth Smart, reading Finn Mac Cool (Celtic World of Morgan Llywelyn) by Morgan Llywelyn, and also reading The Book of Life: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy, Book 3)by Deborah Harkness.

“My Story” is interesting. I downloaded the ebook to listen to while going back and forth to work. At first I found it a bit weird but then I realized I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. Despite what she says, she’s still ashamed and maybe even guilty. I hope that she’s since been able to heal.

“Finn Mac Cool” has been on my reading list for awhile now. I haven’t read Llywelyn before and always wanted to try one of her books. I’ve been slowly reading it in small pieces, though I left the book I’ve been actively reading at work and so it might get more airtime this weekend.

“The Book of Life” is one of those books that I purposely read slowly, attempting to savor the last in the series. Of course, I left it at work and now though I ache to read it, I’m out of luck until I go back in.

I’ve also been reading George Takei’s Oh Myyy! – There Goes The Internet (Life, the Internet and Everything Book 1). It is a fun, fast read that I’ve been enjoying during lunch. The Kindle app is my abso favorite. I remember when I was a little girl and I wished for a Mary Poppins bag in which to carry unlimited books. Kindle did that for me and I love it! No more making heart wrenching decisions about which book to take with me, I’ll take them ALL!

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