banned books

Over the years I’ve read a multitude of banned books. Sometimes this is with the purpose of making sure I’m reading what someone, somewhere has deemed ‘unacceptable’ and sometimes I just happen upon a read that intrigues me and find out later that others find it unacceptable.

This year I decided to take a gander at what has been banned recently. The ALA has listed out books by year. Funnily enough two of the series I have given to my kids to read have been on the banned lists: Bone and Captain Underpants.

Now, I’ll go ahead and admit here that Captain Underpants has never been my favorite kid series. Frankly, I found it a bit gross but when my kids show an interest in a book I just can’t say no. Reading is fundamental, people. So my boys have read pretty much every one in that series. Bones was something I threw their way because it was recommended on Goodreads based on another series they loved. They didn’t particularly care for it and read only one or two from the series. No sweat off my back, I’m only the provider of reading material. I learned awhile back that there is no use forcing oneself to like a book. There are too many fantastic books that have been written to waste time plodding through something that doesn’t capture your interest.

So it looks like I’ll have to delve a little farther into the past years to find something banned for the chits to read. As for myself… Well there are a ton of great books that might call for a reread this week or I might pick up something new. I’m currently entrenched in J.R. Ward’s The King but as the next book in the series isn’t due to publish until next year I want to savor this one a bit so I’ll probably put it down to pick up something tantalizing for BBW. I’m leaning towards a reread of George Orwell’s Animal Farm as I haven’t read it in years and absolutely loved it the first few times I read it.

What are you reading this week in honor of Banned Books Week?