He grunted as he crossed the threshold in her apartment. Bumping into a table wasn’t the best feeling when carrying an injured person. Running with her had been great until the whole snake incident.

But they weren’t talking about that.

As he felt his way to the counter she continued to argue with him.

“We are in my house now. Put me down. Now.” She was agitated as she looked at him but little did she know that all he could focus on was her slightly reddened cheeks and narrowed eyes. She looked cute when she was mad… But he wouldn’t bring that up because she’d already gone on a long tangent when he’d pointed out that her pissed off face when he had first scooped her up was kind of sexy. He hadn’t realized that was considered a bad thing. He’d dated some women who made faces that were ugly when they were mad. He didn’t want to ever wake up to that. He could imagine waking up to her angry face in the morning. He liked to start his day off on a humorous note and that face would certainly spark his interest.


She glared up at his smirking face. She saw the mirth in his eyes and instantly began to struggle. He easily pinned her arms to him as he almost cuddled her to him. Nope. She thought instantly, panic setting in. I will not like this man.

“Right now you are holding me against my will. I’ve asked you to put me down and you’re… ignoring my request.” She stumbled over the last bit as he suddenly jerked to a stop. She marveled as he set her down gently and wondered why she hadn’t tried that earlier.

“I would never want you to do anything… against your will.” He murmured in her ear as he tucked a piece of hair back. The shiver that went through her was thrilling.

She tilted her face up towards his and leaned in as she breathed in the scent of him. It was funny how weird smells worked. She’d dated men in the past whose smell when they were working out completely turned her off but a whiff of him sweaty and she was ready to drop to her knees and get to work.

His eyes burned bright as he read her body language. “I guess you’re not as hurt as I thought you were.” His baritone rumbled from his chest on the verge of a growl. His eyes raked up and down her body as he spoke.