The shock of light that had emitted from her hands as she clapped them together alarmed her. Her mood immediately shifted from white hot anger to extreme curiosity merged with not a little fear. What kind of disease came with spontaneous bursts of blue electricity? She had never seen such a ludicrous color combination in the natural word, not in the form of any type of energy. Then again, she’d never actually seen lightening first hand. Maybe it was a vibrant blue and she’d just been viewing it wrong this whole time.

Or maybe fucking sparks had just emitted from her body. “I have to go.” She managed to say into the phone sounding no more than just annoyed. Since FedEx obviously didn’t care about her happiness, as was obvious by the package that had yet to arrive to her customer, she doubted that the abrupt end to their call had fazed them much.

She rubbed her fingers together a bit before taking off her Bluetooth. She’d just bought it and there was no way that she was going to ruin the expensive device by shocking it with whatever leftover current may or may not be running through her body. The moment she’d set down the item she was examining her hands. Nothing seemed to be off about them, beyond the fact that she might need to refresh her manicure.

The knock on her door was brisk and for a moment her inner hippie ran through the list of bad reasons for a cop-like knock to be sounding through her apartment. As she strode towards the entryway she called out, “Who is it?”


Of course, it had to be somebody that Titan knew as he was currently padding past her likely on his way back to his food bowl that was full of freshly killed deer, his favorite.

She opened the door after checking the peephole for a second.

“What’s up?” She was trying to sound chipper but her inner self was in turmoil at the odd occurrence that had just happened.

The music blasting in the background hit her in the face as soon as Emma opened the door. Her appearance was framed by a screaming man proclaiming that he had a thing for love.

As she glanced her over Darla was surprised that though her energy was foggy she showed no signs of a struggle. The burst of power that she’d felt had led her to believe she would be walking in on at least a few wizards, though how they’d found her she was unclear.

“Are you alright?” She asked as Emma stepped back in invitation.

“Yeah…” As Emma trailed off Darla took a closer look at her.

“Did something happen?”