Of course, the week when I am most dependent upon technology, it fails me. My computer crashed at the beginning of this week (I desperately need a new one) and it was only brought back to life last night. Thank goodness for techie boyfriends!

So this has pushed everything back a week. No fear, the ebook is still coming out! I just need to catch back up with life…

Speaking of catching up, looking at my reading stats on Goodreads one would think I’m woefully behind and never going to catch up. According to GR, I’ve read 38 measly books this year. My goal is 150! Usually I’d have upped that count a bit with the 48 Hour Book Challenge but as I had to skip that this year, I didn’t get that bump. Still, I read a lot and it didn’t make sense that I’ve read so little. Then I looked at the content that I’ve been reading. The number is even lower than that as some of those books are the chits’. Sigh.

It seems as though life is interfering with my reading once again. Where is my fairy godmother to bless with me with infinite resources so that I might enjoy a good book again?