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Is it just me or is time moving faster? When I was a kid time seemed to stretch on forever. A week was a lifetime. Now I blink and a week has zoomed on by with no consideration for me or my feelings.

Anyhow today I’m working with crochet thread and I have the hand ache to prove it.




These are earrings. The anchors will be my first attempt at blocking anything, ever. So we’ll see how that goes. The tropical flower (that for some reason I keep wanting to call a lotus) is a bit on the big side but I like them. Calls attention to the face. 🙂

I’ve yet to finish last week’s bag, still need to weave in the ends and make a strap, because I’m fickle like that.

I’m reading Lover Unleashed

which is #9 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I’m working through it slowly because of an excess of work (about which I’m absolutely thrilled!) and the need to wait for the next to come in. I deeply dislike finishing a book before I have the next one in my hands so I might put this one down to revisit Hearne or Frost.

Make sure you click the WIP Wednesday link (the pic up above) to visit the post today as there is a raffle that is going to be benefiting animals in need. PLUS you might get some cool socks out of yummy yarn from it! Or you could just click through to check out the other cool creations in this week’s WIP Wednesday!