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The Mother Reader 48 Hour Book Challenge #48HBC has officially begun!!

I’m super excited for the folks who are already participating! I have to wait in order to get the most out of my time (I have a ton of work to get through today to prepare for reading all weekend!) so I’ll be starting tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. I’m taking time out to go paint faces at the Dallas Public Library (which is harder than it looks folks) for their Mayor’s Summer Reading kickoff which means I’m going to lose at least four hours in the middle of the day (helping set up/dismantle as well) but probably closer to eight.

Once again I’m forcing myself not to read the books I have ordered especially for the challenge (out of sight, out of mind so I can’t even post the titles yet lest I tempt myself into reading…) but I’m super hyped that at least one book I’ve been waiting to reading for awhile came in just in time.

Be sure to check in often this weekend as I tend to get a little punch drunk/rambly around hour 30 with no sleep. 😀

In the meantime, check out these folks who have already started:

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Don’t forget to hit the link at the top to go check out the starting post (and hey, maybe sign up yourself!! Only 12 hours are necessary to participate!) and check back in with me tomorrow at 7 a.m. to get my starting post!

Happy reading, folks!

 Edited to note: I apparently get really deep in my country speak when I’m in need of coffee. I do believe I used the word ‘folks’ more in this post than I have ever in my life in total… Three hours of sleep and an empty coffee cup do not bode well for the rest of the day.