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This summer is going to be a busy one. I just found out that I’ll have my chits seven days a week as opposed to the five I was banking on. This means that I’ll have little children underfoot while I’m trying to get my work done and though I have help during the weekdays to keep them occupied, working at home means that I don’t have a traditional work day so my help may often be gone during some of the times when I need the kids to be quiet and out of my hair. So I immediately went into ‘fix it’ mode and started compiling a list of activities that require minimal interaction with me for those times when I absolutely have to work and it’s just me and the chits. I figured that there may be other parents out there in need of the same thing so here you go:

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This one probably needs supervision. But you’ll rock if you let your kids do this! 😀


So you’re probably catching a theme here. Yes, I’ve posted more activities for boys than girls but that’s because I have two boys on the cusp of puberty who need to be kept out of trouble and a little chit who is happy to follow along with whatever her brothers want to do. That, or she’ll happily cuddle up by my feet with a blanket and a quiet activity. Plus, you can find girl activities all over the internetz without my help. Go on, Google ‘activities for preschoolers’. You’ll come up with a badrillion results.

Anyhow, I hope these help you (and me!) have a less stressful summer with kids!