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I was having a conversation in a crochet group I’m in (yes, I love crochet so much that I’m part of not just one but many crochet groups) where the topic drifted to horror movies. I’m not a fan and this conversation made me rehash exactly why that is.

It all started in first grade. I got in an argument with a kid about something like what color was the best color known to man or something equally important to six year olds. I was, of course, winning the argument when the kid did something that officially shut me down. He screeched out, ‘Raachhheellll’. I had yet to see the movie but the bone chilling way he half gargled, half screamed my name combined with a weird convulsing bit he did with his body and his eyes rolling up…


Well suffice it to say that I was terrified. Once my classmates saw that this was an effective way to get under my skin, it was all over.

Sometime in the next year I saw the movie. I wasn’t technically ‘allowed’ to watch scary movies at that time but I was a quiet child who was good at hiding so I’d sneak out of bed to hide behind the couch as my dad watched the grown up movies I wasn’t allowed to see.

(Thank pancakes that these ‘grown up’ movies were just horror films or this post might have gone in an entirely different direction).

So my first memory of this movie includes me hugging myself in a semblance of comfort with one hand clamped over my mouth, silent tears pouring down my cheeks, as I watched blood splatter absolutely everywhere.

Now, this would have been bad enough were it not for the fact that despite going to different schools in different states, there was that one kid who would at one point screech out, ‘Raaccheeellll’! Of course, my response (pure and utter terror) made for big fun and quickly the other kids would latch on to this and join it. The worst point was during high school where one year I couldn’t walk down the hallway without hearing a creaky voice gargle-screaming out my name. I almost peed my pants on numerous occasions.

Now I’m so scary that even movies like ‘The Happening’ (a movie that terrified absolutely no one else in the world) get me to shaking in my seat. And it all started because kids are assholes.

If you must see/hear the dreadful sound here’s a vid. Start at 6:23 for optimal cry-for-your-mama-in-a-corner viewing.