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Today was a day packed full of work, Mama Hospital (where all stuffed animals must visit when they’ve been hurt), a hair revamp (I’ve been learning how to do styles in Belle’s hair that will last for multiple days at a time, I’ll post pictures at some point), and now I’ve been up all night working on a purse. So the pictures that I promised of the headband will have to wait a day or two…

My oldest friend’s first baby just turned two and I’m in need of a gift so I thought I’d whip up something cute. However, I ran into an issue: I couldn’t decide what to make even after wandering through the patterns on Ravelry for ideas. As that never happens, I decided to ask a group I’m in what they thought of a basic lovey. I’ve seen some cute patterns lately and I figured I could easily make one in the style of one of her favorite characters. I glanced through a couple options before I came upon the realization that what I really wanted to do was make a her purse. I’ve been daydreaming about making a purse for a few days now but I’ve put the idea to the side in an effort to conserve yarn, make more small projects for the shop, save time, etc. This gave me the perfect opportunity to give in to my muse while still remaining productive.

I knew I wanted it to be sturdy because two year olds are hurricanes with legs. I was debating the merits of finding some leather scraps to cut up for the piece when I came across some T-shirt yarn that I’d made awhile back. The skeins are tiny things as I didn’t properly cut the yarn down and ended up having to split it up. Perfect.

Still I couldn’t figure out what style I wanted to make the purse. My first thought was in the shape of a mermaid (she loves Bubble Guppies) and I played around with making a chart for a bit before I realized that while it might be a nice idea, it wasn’t one that I was going to finish in time for the party this weekend. It’s imperative that I finish this up quickly as I’ve already unraveled the amigurumi that I was making for her because I didn’t like the way it was working up (I’m a bit impulsive).

Since I couldn’t figure out the mermaid in time I decided the next best thing would be an ocean themed purse. And what stitch is ocean-like and beautiful all at once (that I have, coincidentally been dying to try)? The crocodile stitch! So I’m roughly halfway through the body of a crocodile stitch purse in a mini toddler size that incorporates T-shirt and acrylic yarn. It’s working up prettily and with a lot more caffeine I should be finished with it by midday (which is perfect as I have a truckload of work due in the early evening tomorrow).

I was going to post a sneak pic with this entry but I’m going to skip that so that I might reveal it in all its beauty once it is completed. I already have some exciting ideas about how I’m going to finish it. This will not merely be a purse but a work of art, custom made for a little mermaid princess like Zaria. I hope she loves it.

I was mid-Veronica Mars binge and only barely beginning crocheting and writing the pattern down when I started to get a bit drowsy. Noting that I was just beginning and needed control of my faculties to maintain steady progress I decided to look for something else to watch that I haven’t seen 50 million times as of late. Dawson’s Creek is sadly not offered on Amazon Prime anymore (or was it just on Netflix? I cancelled my service so I’m not sure…) so I had to dig a bit to find something I wanted to watch. Doctor Who won out. The seasons are somewhat confusing so I Googled and came up with this chart that tells When and Where to Start Watching Doctor Who.

I was going to start at the very beginning (Alternate Starting Point 2, circa 1964) but Amazon Prime again failed me, as the first season is only comprised of the last five episodes, the second season is missing, and then multiple seasons are missing down the road. I like to do it completely the right way or not at all and thus, I’m starting with the Most Accessible Starting Point, the 9th Doctor (circa 2005) I’m almost at the end of the first episode right now and so far I’m digging it. 😀

Back to crocheting and diving into the world of the Doctor.