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I’ve been missing out on the WIP Wednesday posts (though I have made an Outlook reminder to post next week!) so here’s my Finished Friday post!

Fingerless gloves that are on their way to California (my first sale! *jumping for joy*). They shipped out Wednesday night. Check out the Etsy listing here or click the picture if you’d like some for yourself.

These are crocheted with a super squishy, incredibly soft black and then edged with a silky feel pinkish purple (I’m not sure what to call the color but I’ve taken dozens of pictures and am unable to capture the exact color correctly). Of course, custom orders are welcome and these can be made in any color you so choose.

I’m working on my first amigurumi item now! I tend to crochet pretty loosely so it has been a bit of a trial trying to crochet so tightly. I started yesterday and I’m still working on the head now. The first item will be for the shop, the second for a friend’s baby who is turning TWO next week (I made her something else but then found out that her size was different than what I’d made so that’s been frogged), and the third will be for my precious Belle. She wants a My Little Pony look-alike which will be up on the plate next but I just couldn’t pass up this little doll.

Not my picture. Click to visit the FREE pattern on Ravelry!

I’ve been transcribing all morning but this afternoon will be set aside to work on this little beauty. I hope to have her done and ready to list on Monday but as this is my first ami doll, I’m not sure how long it will take.

I’m in the middle of about a million books right now. Freelancing books, writing books, an Etsy book, and I just started Game of Thrones (I have yet to read any of the books or watch the show). By far, my favorite is Game of Thrones but I’m making myself earn it, not reading without hitting certain work goals for the day. 🙂

Remember how I used to write for Yahoo? Well, I have new articles coming soon so make sure you keep an eye on my page!

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