Winter is coming up fast and with it, the need for warmer clothes. I have often felt sad for the children I see running around my city without proper winter gear. But what can I do about it? Not much since I don’t have the extra funds to clothe them all.

Or so I thought. Actually, there is something I can do and you too! I just started a fund on GoFundMe so that instead of sitting around wishing this winter season, I can do something about it.

Want to help out? It only costs $5 for one hat, the price of a grande frap at Starbucks! Check it out and pitch it what you can. Every dollar counts!

Donate a hat!

And don’t be fooled by the levels. I just put those in to make it easy to donate but every dollar goes towards warming up a child. Donate a dollar, donate $100. Whatever you can afford, the children of Dallas, Texas thank you!

Click here to donate!

By the way, you rock. Thanks for keeping a kid warm this season!