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So I’m sitting here thinking about how I should write, how I want to write, but how I have nothing to write about and nothing to say. Basically I’ve been in a slump for awhile now (as my lack of blogging attests) and just haven’t found the mojo to get out of it. I’d been blaming the muse for awhile because well… It’s better than admitting that I just don’t have the juice. Then something happened.

My sister came over and in talking about television shows we ended up on the subject of Amanda Hocking. I’m not going to go into the weird way that our minds work though it is something akin to this scene from Gilmore Girls:

That’s basically what happens when we get together. Anyhow so she came over and we ended up talking about Amanda Hocking and her success as a writer. At some point I may or may not have been cackling and rubbing my hands together announcing my plans to take over the world. That’s when it happened. As I was loudly informing her that I too could (and would!) write a book in fifteen days I started to seek her opinion on a story that I’ve had bumping around in the back of my mind for a bit now.

Is it the story that I’ve been writing and working on for many, many months in hopes of someday finishing it? Nope. That story still sits (unfinished) in my writing folder. Was it another story also already begun and just waiting on finishing touches? Absolutely not. What this is, is the story that I want to read. So I started pitching the idea to her and then ended up asking her opinion. What happened next was writing magic.

After not getting out a single sentence (alright so I’m embellishing the facts. Isn’t that what good writers do?) for light years I sat down and did something I haven’t done since high school. I wrote an outline. It started as just wanting to capture her input and notes on my story and ended up with a lot of pitching ideas back and forth and getting the first three scenes outlined.

I discovered something magical (paranormal?) about writing tonight. Sometimes you have to stop bitching about the process and just sit down and write. You might find that block you thought was in the path between you and brilliance was naught but a stone that you could easily sidestep on your journey to taking over the world.

Take over the WORLD