I have been remiss. Mother Reader sent me a lovely package of goodies awhile back as my prize for hitting a pure 48. So without further ado…

After Hello by Lisa Mangum (advance reader’s edition, signed baby!!!)

Kiss & Make Up by Katie D. Anderson (uncorrected proof)

Freaks Like Us by Susan Vaught (advance uncorrected proof)

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter (Signed!!!)

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (Signed!!!)

Spyology Agent K Secret Decoder Pen

Spike Light (booklight)

Reading is Fun cards

Book themed necklace and earrings set

First let me get the gush out. Signed, advance copies of books = me in a gushy pile of mush on the floor. All are going on my reading list and have already pushed aside other books on the shelf. The decoder pen is being saved for my oldest who loves to keep everyone’s secrets. I’ll give it to him on the first day of school, slipped in his bag to brighten up his day.

The book light is MINE!!! Ahem, excuse me but with my love of paperbacks and my habit of sitting in the dark added to my clumsy, forgetful nature, I need all the book lights I can get. As for the necklace/earrings, for awhile I didn’t know what they were. I saw them in their little clear package and first thought they were some type of knitting markers. Ah, I thought, Mother Reader must have read the few blog posts where I mentioned attempting knitting… How nice. Now I must actually learn to knit. Because, you know, knitting markers and crochet markers are two different beasts. So, I left them in their little package. I showed them to my mom, as if to alleviate the mystery. Of course, she doesn’t crochet or knit so that wasn’t much help. She gave it a cock-eyed look and shook her head at me. “I don’t know what that is Muttix. Now will you please carry that water inside like I asked?” Hmph. Fine.

Mind you, it never occurred to me to open the package. The pieces looked small and I just knew I’d open the little bag and small things would scatter across the floor, never to be seen again. Today I decided to write this blog and that’s when I finally got the guts. Sinking to the floor (so as to minimize the spatter), I carefully opened the bag and tipped the contents into my hand. Huh. A necklace and earrings made from what looks like the pages of a book. Cool. I should’ve opened this earlier.

I’m going to read the signed ones first. Just because, I mean, the author touched them. I’m also going to attempt a review for each as it seems the right thing to do for free book swag.

Thanks Mother Reader!!!