Changing economy, blah blah blah. My main reason for wanting to work at home is just because I want to. There isn’t a driving fire behind that (besides the need to pay bills, without which I might never work again). I figure that there are other people who want to do the same. Without further ado, take a look at this:

Swagbucks: This is my number one, go to site. I use it as a search engine (as opposed to Google) and I’ve installed the toolbar to make it easy to use. I also set it as my default page on my phone so when I’m searching on the go, I have the chance to earn. There are other ways to earn besides searching, that’s just the biggest draw for me since it is something I do anyway. There are surveys, special offers, coupons, games, special codes (from Facebook, Twitter, or their blog), etc. You can also watch Swagbucks TV and earn. I check out fashion, celeb, and food news. You can turn your SB into many things, I choose either Amazon or Paypal gift cards but there are many options.

So that’s the only one that I currently use and receive money from on a consistent basis. As I find more reliable options I’ll post them, but I only want to post those from which I’ve seen actual funds.