Not an update really (just turned off the audio book but have spent the past hour socializing while listening to it on and off at the same time, but counting that as social time not reading time as it was frequently switched off)…

Just had to post, I dislike capchas. They hate me. They mock my eyesight and the audio version sounds like a cult is attempting to steal my immortal soul and bring it to live forever on the internetz. I really, really, really abhor them.

Tried to post on everyone’s blog who is participating this year (less than half of what was participating last year… Don’t know what happened. Sad.) but I know that I missed a few, either from bleary-eyed tiredness or because I couldn’t comment without signing up for a service I don’t currently use (and I’m on a LOT of various sites). Then a few, I failed your capchas. Repeatedly. And then gave up.

But I’m going back to physical reading as the socializing/continuous intake of coffee has turned me into a semblance of a human, which I need to take advantage of. On the seventh disc of the audio book which only has nine total so we decided we need to save it.

Words have resumed but math fails me, thus I’ll post some stats later.