and am now into hour… (my math fails me at night. Alright, all the time) 13? Nearing 14? No matter, I’ll figure out the particulars once my synapses begin to fire correctly again.

I just closed the pages to Fever by Lauren DeStefano a few minutes ago and began Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz. It is a book that I started awhile back but it has been so long since I’ve picked it up that I had to start from the beginning once more. Not that much trouble as I don’t believe I got much beyond the first real chapter.

My apartment is finally silent (the key to getting kids to sleep is to stop sneaking them sweets in an effort to bribe them into submission. Who’d have thought?) and the dreary hours remind me of two things:

  1. I rather miss my old apartment which was further into the heart of the city. There was always noise, always someone besides me (ever the night owl, irregardless of reading challenges) about. My current residence, though a much nicer place in which to raise little chits, lacks that comforting music of combined night owls enjoying their element.
  2. Quiet makes me sleepy which makes it hard to read.

So, ever the problem solver, I have devised a solution. Lack of noise means that I must supply some. Meaning, I have taken to gasping aloud and laughing hysterically where I’d normally flip the pages faster and smirk. It seems to jolt my sister out of her reverie which I’m sure she’ll thank me for once we’ve hit that pure 48. I’m sure of it. I’m also sure she doesn’t mean the mumbled promises of murder. Almost.

So, Fever was good. It was a bit darker than the first in the… series? trilogy? I can’t be bothered to look such a thing up right now, do your own research tonight please, folks. But good all the same. I keep forgetting it is YA and tend to get a bit frustrated at the lack of… Hmm… Mother Reader’s blog is kid lit based and though most to all of those I’ve seen take part are adults of consenting age, I suppose I’ll keep my posts PG for the younger set. Or, at least I’ll warn you if I’m going to cross over to NC17 territory…

We haven’t turned the audio book back on as we agreed we may need it more after the 24 hour mark when we look back and long for these times when we were merely “tired” and not truly into sleep deprivation. My sister has moved on to physical books instead of her Kindle and I’m debating the merits of attempting to read one of the badrillion books I have in ebook form.

And that’s all the chit chat I have in me at the moment. I’ll check out Twitter and blogs before heading back to reading.

Finished: Die For Me, Wither, Fever

Currently reading: Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz (page 12)

Current time spent reading/blogging/socializing: 13 hours, 7 minutes (2 hours, 7 minutes spent blogging/socializing)

Pages read: 837

Time spent NOT reading/blogging/socializing:  0

Time now: (Because when the maths begin to fail me, I need an easy go to in order to figure out where I left off) 3:37 a.m.

Caffeine consumed: 1 pot of coffee, 2 energy drinks

By the way, though my sister is taking part with me again, I’m not keeping track of her info. She’s a bit bristly right now so I’m not going to ask how many books she’s read but I’m going to assume at least two as she’s switched to paperbacks now. And she’s matching me in the caffeine department. She isn’t officially taking part however, as despite my best attempts, she refuses to blog.

Happy reading to those of you up with me tonight! Join the Twitter convo so I have someone to chat at!