“Why have a cup of Joe when you can have a cup of Gevalia?” Indeed.

I swear I’m not endorsing it, haven’t received anything free, and basically am gaining nothing from this posting. I just need to share the beautifulness of it all. Before coffee, I was a wilting flower desperately glancing at the clock amazed as time seemed to move backwards (surely defying some sort of physics law). After: behold the energized Muttix you are currently reading!

We’re currently a pot and a half in (I ignored the directions. Two scoops per 12 ounces?? That must have been printed for the coffee virgins swayed by the looks of one heaven sent endorser… I doubled it on the first pot and added a fifth scoop to the second) and feeling (to channel a lovable furry tiger I happen to adore) grrr-eat!

At some point after my last posting, in order to make the coffee, we turned on our audio book of choice (shout out to my ever-suffering mom who not only brought us our alternate pick from the library but stopped and got us dinner!! Love you forever, Mom!): The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning. The first chapter or two we were more focused on the reader than the storyline. We disliked having the thoughts of people with accents narrated without said regional affliction. And the accent slipped a bit as we debated the regional source of the grandma’s supposed (Southern? Irish? We still aren’t sure) accent. But we were quickly pulled into the (too hot for the chits to be running underfoot! They were sequestered to play in a bedroom) sultry storyline. So far I’ve seen a passing resemblance to one Sookie Stackhouse but then, it is slight and many PNR/UF have similar qualities about them. Beyond the slow start (which I’m blaming on the narrator and not the author), it has been an entertaining “read” (listen) so far. We’re currently on disc two, though we’ve paused it so I may concentrate on blogging.

And speaking of concentration…

I’m updating my twitter/blog/Facebook during the challenge and after the first post, the world apparently took it to mean that I’m not as unavailable as I claimed to be during this challenge. So I had to clarify that it was in fact an allowed update as opposed to the against the rules texting/talking/chatting that I was getting bombarded with after posting. I believe I hurt a few feelings as I just posted a general clarification as I had my sister read my book out loud to me. So let me apologize in the most public way possible (as I reprimanded the same way): I’m sorry. It just wasn’t feasible to have her read out loud to me (my book, by the way, something she was not enjoying) while I responded to each text/chat/call individually.  So no hard feelings, peeps. It’s all love, unicorns, and rainbows… After Sunday.

But back on task…

I’ve finished Wither by Lauren DeStefano which was a thoroughly four star read. I even slightly dog-eared (horrors!) a page to keep a quote in mind that made me smile in that starry way that I adore.

You want to know about true love? my father the geneticist said to my brother and me as we watched them dance. I’ll tell you something about true love. There’s no science to it. It’s natural as the sky.

Le sigh…

(For those of you still recovering from the shock of my mistreatment of one of our mutual beloved: I barely creased it and have since fixed it. I’ll be using a bookmark from now on.)

So Wither was great. I’ve just started the sequel, Fever, which is keeping me enthralled in the world DeStefano created.

I’m off to do some twitter rounds and catch up on my fellow readers…

Finished: Die For Me, Wither

Currently reading: Fever by Lauren DeStefano (page 11)

Current time spent reading/blogging/socializing: 9 hours, 13 minutes (1 hour, 23 minutes spent blogging/socializing – sent a couple twitter updates while setting up the audio book which I rounded up to five minutes) I’ll update at the bottom when I get done with socializing…

Pages read: 562

Time spent NOT reading/blogging/socializing: 0

Update at 11:02: Socializing/blogging time now up to 1 hour, 35 minutes (just hit twitter/Facebook, not many tweets going on right now…) Off to read!