We’ve (my sister and I) decided on an approximate start time of 12 p.m. tomorrow. We’ve laid in the snacks, coffee (“Why have a cup of Joe when you can have a cup of Gevalia?” Indeed, sexy man, indeed.), and energy drinks. I have the books (goodness knows, I have the books. All over my apartment.) and one of the audio books came in (let’s hope another shows up as I’m frankly not too jazzed about the selection that arrived).

It occurred to me today that perhaps I’d be better off taking a book fast (channeling Gilmore Girls here) in order to better prep myself for the oncoming feast. Yeah. Right. Instead I’ve been indulging my inner book whore and have jumped from read to read. I don’t believe I’m overestimating when I say I have a good twenty books cracked open at the moment. When each started getting good I would realize that I should save it for “when I’ll really need it” (hour thirty-eight, I’m talking about YOU) and then I’d pick up another.

In order to counteract the loosely stacked piles of books waiting to crash down upon some poor soul’s head, I decided to craft. I’ve been working on a doll design (inspired by my love of poppets) and have one stitched up (all prototypes go to the girl chit) that is coming close to my vision. Check it out on my Facebook page (not my public page which you can see linked over there <=== in the sidebar) for a couple pics of the unfinished beauty (or beast, as the case may be…) : Muttix Onlymuttix Go ahead. Friend me. You know you wanna. 😉

Off to clean the apartment and then CRASH so I can be all fresh and energized for the 48 Hour Book Challenge!!! (Check out that link for three reasons you should participate!) As always, I’ll be blogging my way through it so look forward to my ‘tired to the point of exhibiting drunken behavior’ posts once I pass that 24 hour mark. This year, I refuse to fail. I will read 48 complete hours.