The pillows I’d arranged about me to keep me comfy on the couch have turned into gentle nemesis, mocking me with their lush promises of sweet relief from my body trembling fatigue.

But I’m good.

I’m a couple energy drinks in, a few hours have passed. After posting my starting line entry, I got distracted (the chits staged a revolt after viewing the table of off-limits treats, I managed to bribe them into submission) and thus we (my sister and I) started at 1:30 p.m. Central time as opposed to 12:45 as I’d intended.

My sister is reading on her Kindle at the moment so I’ve no idea what she’s in the middle of enjoying. She’s matching me both in the fatigue department and the consumption of sugar/caffeine.

Die For Me was a complete surprise. I’d ordered it from the library after reading a blurb on Goodreads but had long forgotten the reason behind my order. Once again I am ever grateful for a community of like-minded readers to turn to as my life is full to the brim of lovely but sadly under read people who jest at my love of books (you know it if I’m referring to you: I still lurve all of you completely and one day will turn you to the dark pleasure of an exciting novel). Without Goodreads I may have missed out on the ecstasy that many a read has provided.

But back to Die For Me. No spoilers here (don’t you hate it when you’re minding your own business and some spoilsport forgets to warn of an incoming bomb?) but let me just impart to you the imperative nature of you picking up this book. It is YA (let me get that out of the way for you adult only readers, sadly it is without the steamy scenes of the likes of J. R. Ward) and kept me engrossed from chapter one. It is my first stumbling into this subset of PNR/UF (paranormal romance/urban fantasy) and I must state my absolute devotion to the sub-genre now. A little romance a lot of excitement, I actually gasped out loud a few times near the end (promping the amusement of both the chits and my sister). I’m looking forward to the next read and have nothing but disappointment in the fact that I don’t currently have the sequel residing in my abode.

Enough waxing poetic (e.g., attempting to keep blabbing to rest my eyes from the pages for a moment), I’m off to do some socializing and then get down to reading.

Finished: Die For Me by Amy Plum

Currently reading: Wither by Lauren DeStafano (page 78)

Current time spent reading/blogging/socializing: Two hours, twenty minutes (as of now the twenty is the amount spent blogging)

Pages read: 204

No time now for linking up, I’ll attempt to attach links in future postings and perhaps even come back to update my unlinked versions.

Update at 5:17 : Spent a combined 47 minutes blogging/socializing. Back to reading!