After staying awake far too long last night (sleep eluded me!) I’m starting at a bit of a disadvantage being still groggy from my less than five hours of crash time. But that matters little, I’ve got my energy drinks, my books (ahhh, blessed books), and my sexy man Gevalia (also known as chocolate mocha coffee, mmm…) so I’m raring to go.

I’m aiming to hit a pure 48. Per the new rules, I’ll be donating to the cause (check Mother Reader’s blog for the deets) at a rate of 10 cents per hour. So if I read the entire 48 that will be $4.80 (don’t judge me).

I’m starting off with a book I’m already into (Die For Me) so I’ll only track the pages read during the challenge on that one. I’m currently on page 215.

I’ll be keeping track of hours (of course), titles (I’ll try to put a little blurb about each during my updates), and pages read. Per rules, for every five hours read I’ll blog/tweet/book socialize for an hour, though I’ll likely stockpile a bit of that to save for those hysterical sleep deprived hours.

Official starting time: 12:45 p.m. (Central time)

First up: Die For Me by Amy Plum (currently on page 215, I’ll only count the pages read during the challenge)

Caffeine/sugar consumed: Currently drinking energy drink number one.

And my sister just let out a big yawn so I’m going to throw a pillow at her face and then…