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It hasn’t escaped my attention that many of my “good number of viewers” (I’m not even going to mention the number as it is embarrassingly small) stem not from a search for “witty, talented, beautiful Muttix” or even “stuff of legends” but instead from some variation of “felt crafts” or “felt food”. So fine. That’s what you want, I’ll serve it up. You know, ’cause I have a bit of the block anyway…

For felt broccoli but I think it would work great on the end of the turkey (above) as those little flouncy things that have no actual use beyond decoration (that I know of).


Pumpkin pie, among other yummy foods.

Carrot, strawberry, banana



Check for another installment of felt tutorials tomorrow (which won’t be so highly food focused). As always, you can search the blog in the sidebar, or click the tags (which are kind of dirty and need cleaning up). And one day, I’ll get to updating that Tutorials tab… Ah, dreams.