I didn’t get very much read in April. However, I did learn how to alter a shirt from long-sleeve to bow-sleeve which was highly gratifying. I’m still ahead of pace to hit my goal of 100 books read which is making me feel little tingly feelings deep down inside. And just around the bend is Mother Reader’s 48 Hour Book Challenge which always makes me feel fuzzy and get the giggles. This year, there will be no wimping out. Go broke or go home I say! In fact, I will likely be at home while participating, but the spirit is there. But on to reviews…

32. Hounded: The Iron Druid Chronicles Book One by Kevin Hearne

This. Book. Is. Amazing! Super cool druid has super cool dog and they have awesome adventures together. Ok, so I’m making it sound idiotic and simple, neither of which it is. It is a refreshing change of pace to go from the mind fluff of the Sookie Stackhouse novels to this. Makes it seem positively cerebral in comparison. There were a few points in the book where I actually laughed out loud and had it been a book of my own (as opposed to being borrowed from the library, I love my library!!!) I would have… Well not bent a page or highlighted or anything damaging to my psyche like that… But I would have memorialized the passages in some way. Because the book was so good that I literally was not going to put it down to get on Goodreads to find the quote and keep it.

Alright I couldn’t write a review and not give you a taste of the funny so here you go:

“Hamlet promised himself he’d throw down afterward, but I think perhaps when he said, “From this time forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth!” the limits of blank verse weakened his resolve somehow. If he’d been free to follow the dictates of his conscience rather than the pen of Shakespeare, perhaps he would have abandoned verse altogether, like me, and contented himself with this instead: “Bring it, muthafuckas. Bring it.” Yes, lines like that had me quivering with delight and looking around searching for a person to share in my joy. Unfortunately, there is no such person in my household and instead I had to comfort myself with talking aloud to the book and congratulating Mr. Hearne on his exceptional writing ability. Which leads me to…

33. Hexed by Kevin Hearne

The second book in the series was equally impressive. I’m not going to lay the story out for you, because I hate when I’m innocently trying to find a good read and some butthat lays out the storyline on a much anticipated sequel to a book I’ve yet to read. But rest assured, it is fantabulous (that, despite the claims of Firefox, is indeed a word in the dictionary of Muttix. Fantastic + fabulous = fantabulous a.k.a “this @#%!ing ROCKS!) and well worth your time. And just because I am such a giving person, I’m going to give you a quote from this one.

“Tell her I am Peace Dawg but I think her cats are closely allied with The Man. I’m going to stick it to them.” Teehee. (I’m smothering giggles over here.) Read. It.

34. Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter

Another second in the series read for me. The premise of the story is that vampires have raised a people who exist purely to feed them. The blood is pure, the beauty is unsurpassed, and the price is high. Needless to say, this book caused me to miss quite a few sentences from the people in my circle who have yet to grasp that when there is a book in front of my face I’m not listening.

35. Born Wicked by Jessica Sportswood

A somewhat historical read (if by historical you mean that it is placed in the olden days but doesn’t get much into history beyond a dash of fashion and the daily oppression of women) about witches, this book seemed as though it were written for me to enjoy. There were points in the book where I grew angry with the main character, wanting to reach through the pages to shake her shoulders and shout in her face. But I consider that a good thing. It is books that don’t raise my ire, that are content to simply lay out a story without attempting to age me prematurely by jacking up my blood pressure that quickly lose my interest. A fairly new book (published in February this year), I’ve put the sequel down on my incredibly daunting “to-read” list.

36. Thunderbird Falls by C. E. Murphy

Eventually, one day, Joanne will get some. Surely, one can not live her life in its entirety without imbibing in intercourse of some fashion. And I will read about it. This book reminds me somewhat of the last in the Earth’s Children series: a lot of flowery writing on ish that I could give a pickle about and a disappointing amount of raw animal lust.

37. The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – A Love Story by Ree Drummond

I like(d) the blog. I kind of find the cooking show interesting (in the voyeur kind of way). I read part of the story on the blog long ago so when I saw it was in book form at my local library I thought, why the heck not? The answer to that is simple. Because the story is full of… Tripe. I forgot that Mrs. (she is a MRS. damn it, and don’t you EVER forget that) Drummond tends to create that feeling where I want to scratch my eyeballs out and scrub the corners of my brain with bleach so as to forget the pious, milk toast that I’d foolishly ingested. Great blog? Heck yes. Love story to go down in the ages? Well, I am admittedly not in a place to find naive love interesting or at all believeable, but I’d have to say no. I’m still going to check out her cookbook, watch her TV show, and read her blog from time to time though. And should she write again (an original book as opposed to a story regurgitated from her blog) I’ll check it out.

I decided to include the titles in this piece due mainly to the fact that I’m discovering a ton of new reads via Goodreads’ listopia lists on the “best covers” of (insert year, genre, etc.) Yes folks, I’ll admit it. I am a person who frequently and shamelessly (cue storm clouds approaching) judges books by their covers. So I figure that if it was the cover art and not the general premise of the book that originally drew me in, I should include said draw here for you. In this list I believe it was the Hearne, Painter, and Sportswood books that I obtained purely due to the pretty, pretty covers. To be completely honest about it, I did check out the books’ summaries prior to placing my requests but I honestly wouldn’t have given them a second look without the eye-pleasing layout of the covers.

Completely unrelated, I have recently discovered the greatness of two shows Glee (which I watched before but didn’t particularly care for at the time) and New Girl. I’m going to have to renew my subscription to Hulu and/or Netflix…

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