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With back to school looming around the corner, my eyes are starting to feel the mist of fall. Or at least, the yearning for something besides the constant hair-frizzing, face-melting, mood-stifling burn of summer.

I always know that fall has arrived when I start to see bunches of pumpkins for sale. The sight of a local pumpkin patch (well, pumpkins laid out on the ground to nicely resemble a pumpkin patch, I am in the city after all) is enough to make me quiver in my boots. Halloween is a big holiday not for the candy (though that is another quiver inducing thought) but for the big bell that goes off inside me announcing that yes, indeed, AUTUMN has arrived…

In years past I’ve done the sexy costumes, sarcastic costumes, and of course I’ve got that one fall-back costume for the years when I decided at the last moment to dress up. This year, it isn’t about any of that. This year, I’m bringing back the lure of dressing up. And where better to find inspiration than fairy tales?

So I’m totally going to do a red riding hood revamp. Yep, I’m basing my outfit on the Red Riding Hood from Amanda Seyfried’s version of the story.



I might even go blonde with it.