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Yup that’s right folks. I am, in fact, still breathing. And while doing all that arduous breathing, I came in from running errands the other day to find that the Husband had put a package for MEEEZZZ on my sewing table. I have to admit, I got a little breathless with excitement (I was honest when I told you before, I mainly just get bills via snail mail), I even giggled a bit.

So what was the cause of my latest bout of the trembles? Ah, my prize for (being the most pathetic *ahem* I mean, trying really hard in the) 48 Hour Book Challenge! Yepz, that’s right. *Happy dance, happy dance* (Be grateful that you can’t see me doing my happy dance. I even sing, “Happy dance, happy dance!” while doing it. Yeah. Not cool.)

So… I now have (or had, I should say) a cute orange drawstring backpack, a water bottle, and the book “When Life Gives You OJ”. All of those items were immediately confiscated from me by the chits. I’m talking, turned my head and they were gone. So it was most definitely a good prize as usually I can’t get Fin to pick up a chapter book on his own (“Where’s the pictures?” coupled by a suspicious look shot my way is more the usual steazy around here) and one can never have too many bags (So say Belle, so it must be). Both the bag and the bottle have “When Life Gives You OJ” on them and ***BONUS*** the book is signed. I have told you how I adore items that are personally signed, have I not? If the answer is no, just imagine my happy dance (generally a bouncy, twirly affair with a jazz hand or two thrown in for effect) accompanied by a little shimmy and a bit of shake.

So I’ve got to send out a big THANK YOU to MotherReader (remember to check out her blog peeps, it is worth the read!) for the awesome (completely undeserved but utterly adored) prize. And next year, for all you other 48hbc participants, I intend to hit that ever elusive 48, so watch your collective backs!