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Ambling over to my mailbox to see what bills came (another reminder that I better start selling some of my writing as opposed to just daydreaming my days away) I got a happy surprise…

A fabo book!

And what’s that right in the middle? An inscription just for MEEZ! “Muttix, I hope you enjoy my story. No fooling!” Carmela A. Martino 6/9/11 (She wrote one of the stories inside, “Big Z, Cammi, and Me”) Click the pic, people, I can’t be expected to drop links for you every other sentence.

Woot woot! So exciting. (Can you tell that most of my regular mail consists of people wanting me to pay them and people who want me to owe them?)

Now, this isn’t what I was expecting to win (the OJ book about the fake dog) but whatev. Free bookage plus something I believe Fin will find uber exciting (he loves him some jokes).

And I love personalized things. Absolutely love them. I’ve got the shiveries just thinking about my little old name being written out by an actual writer (you know, as opposed to a wishing, daydreamin’ one like myself). So, even though I’m super absorbed in my current read (which of course, doesn’t go with any of my current reading challenges) Madame Tussaud, I’m going to put that down for a minute and read my cool new book from my winnings. (Imagine me rubbing my hands together in joyous exultation over the fact that I actually won something, or got awarded something, anyway. Details, people, don’t bother me with them.) And of course, you lovely readers will get a review on it soon (-er or later that is!).

And lastly, for your ever lasting enjoyment, I put up a public Facebook profile in addition to the page. And ooohhhh, you’ll get to see more of me than the gloomy emo-type pic I have on twitter.  So friend me, like me, tweet me, just don’t email me as I don’t tend to check those like, ever.