Imagine that “thank you” with an Elvis impersonation behind it (albeit, a bad one) and you’ve got what I’m trying to get across. Which is…

I WON!!!

Alright, so I didn’t win per say, but I did get a sweet consolation prize. Click over to MotherReader’s announcement of the winners and you’ll see, I got an “Almost Made It” prize in the form of a signed and personalized copy of “When Life Gives You OJ” by Erica S. Pearl (which, obviously I’ll be reading and reviewing upon receipt), a drawstring backpack, and a water bottle!!! The last time I had a signed and personalized anything was prior to my birth when my mom acquired an “Arthur” picture book that the author signed for her/me and that has been long lost in our many moves.

I’m so excited and thankful! I didn’t expect to win as I didn’t make that 48 hour mark, and I am so incredibly thrilled that I won something! Many, many thanks to MotherReader for the wonderful prize! Of course, she has a lovely blog worthy of reading year round, so go check it out. Also, be sure to check out the other winners (listed in the announcement page above) to see how they did it.

Next year, I am totally going to hit that 48 hour mark!