I’ve yet to get that nap I wanted, instead preferring to finish reading “The Winter Sea”. My sister and I had a little laugh about the fact that we’d just finished reading for 45 hours and then we both continued to read for hours more. Of course, I got a little chit care in (they were pretty much bouncing off the walls, clamoring for attention) and made a quick meal, but beyond that, I’ve been reading since the challenge ended. At this time I day I suppose I may as well put off that nap until it is time to go to sleep for the night.

This year went a lot smoother for a few reasons.

  1. We were better stocked in the food department.
  2. After realizing that we’d forgotten the lighting situation, we stole a lamp from the chits’ room. Made my dimly lit living room a much more comfortable place to read.
  3. We included more drinks.
  4. I kept to a better schedule with blogging… at first.

However, there were points that I need to take into consideration for next year.

  1. More food. I’d made a meal in advance and we’d acquired lots of snacks and drinks. But not for the care package that my mom brought over, we’d have run out of drinks entirely too quickly. Next year I’m going to make multiple meals in advance and buy more easy things for the chits to make for themselves (sandwiches, etc.) I thought I’d stocked up enough of those but I forgot that my boys eat as if they are grown men (and apparently pack it all away in some hidden compartment as they are both thin as rails) so they ran out quickly, requiring me to order pizza and hand over some of our precious snacks.
  2. More lighting. We got a lamp from the chits’ room but really, we needed it lit up like the 4th for that middle of the night time when the hardcore drifting occurred.
  3. More coffee. I had more than enough coffee, but at the point when I was hitting a wall, I should have switched on the audio book and got up to get more coffee. Next year I’ll recognize that feeling and force myself to get up and move around to shake off the sleepies.
  4. More structure towards the end. I hit a pretty good rhythm at first between blogging and reading. But I didn’t take advantage of the time as I should have in the second half. Next year I’ll make sure to break up the drowsy with more blogging/networking then.
  5. More YA/quick reads. I was able to get through the tired times in the first half because it felt like I was always nearing the end of a novel. Last night I chose to pick up “The Winter Sea” which was a really incredible book that I loved, but it was slow in a time when I needed a faster pace. If I chose to read something like that, I’ll have it scheduled to read during the day when there are more outside influences keeping me awake.
  6. Sister will blog. That’s right, I’m not giving up on this one. My sister will get a blog of her own next year.

All in all I had a really great time! Per usual, I’m super happy that I did the challenge. Of course, once again I’m disappointed in my apparent lack of speed when reading, my measly count was far surpassed by quite a lot of participants, and not everyone is done with the challenge yet. I’ve managed to inspire envy (for the readers) or pure confusion (for those who… don’t) in all that I know which tickled me, as I enjoy causing book related stirs. And once again, I already can’t wait for next year!!

Good luck to all those who’ve yet to finish and congratulations to those who are already done!