Well, I’m finished!

I still can’t believe that I fell asleep, but I’m no longer pissed at myself. After all, there is always next year. I didn’t finish “The Winter Sea” by Susanna Kearsley, I’m only on page 360. But it is a good story that I intend to finish soon.

After talking about it with my sister, I determined my problem was the way I used the audio book. It was originally intended to play during any unavoidable cooking or necessary coffee making. But last night, I was so tired and having irritated my eyes, I used the audio book in the middle of the night. Next year, that is a big no. If my sister falls asleep next year I’m going to shake her awake (she was highly offended that I didn’t try harder to wake her) and we’ll go read outside or switch to the dining room table or some such. Because next year (you knew this was coming) I will not fall asleep.

So, final stats…

Unfinished:  (2) “The Winter Sea” (p. 360) by Susanna Kearsley, “Candide” (beginning of disc 2) by Voltaire

Books read: (8) “Changeless”, “Blameless”, “I Am Nujood”, “Split”, “Beast”, “Three Days”, “Sirena”, “The Adoration of Jenna Fox”

Time began: 1:45 p.m. 6/3/11

Time now: 1:45 p.m. 6/5/11

Time spent reading: 41 hours, 10 minutes

Time spent blogging: 3 hours, 50 minutes

Total time reading/blogging: 45 hours

Total time spent not reading/blogging: 3 hours

Page count: 2464 (via LibrayThing)

So, not a winning time, surely, as last year there were three (if memory serves me correctly) that came in at a full 48 hours (which reminds me, I must visit their blogs to find out what they did to evade sleep). But once again I had a lot of fun and already can’t wait until next year!

I’ll post a more concise post, with any reviews I’ve forgotten (hopefully I’ve recorded all the books correctly, I’ve been copying/pasting the currently reading, etc. so as to avoid the messiness of last year when I’d leave things out in my deprived state), and to elaborate, as you know I am wont to do. But now there is a life put on hold that is calling me, and it is refusing me even the simple pleasure of a nap. The outside world is unfortunately not as witty, warm, or understanding as the comfort of a book.

By the way, my sister completed an amazing 43 hours!! She only got two more hours of sleep than I did (bad, bad sister for not waking her up!) and got through 9 books, with her last being half finished at the completion time (which she is, by the way, still sitting on my couch reading).

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