I picked up “The Book Thief” and lost interest a bit in. So I switched out for Napoli’s “Sirena” which was, again, entertaining and quick. That is the pace that I’m looking for right now. Quick, fast-tempo, I’ve even allowed the kids to be swirling around the living room in the way kids do when they are in their first days of summer. The background noise helps greatly with the droopiness that threatens to take over my eyeballs anytime my lips aren’t plastered to an energy drink.

Also, no doubt about it, my sister is getting a blog next year, if I have to plop her down and go over the entire setup with her. The murderous looks that she was throwing my way were merely glancing off my (slightly smug) shoulders until finally she burst out, “You’re BLOGGING… Again?!?” when I opened my laptop to make this post. I chuckled something about not being able to display jealousy when last year she’d ignored my demands that she get a blog of her own or cease with the threats towards my person.


So I may be laughing at her. Just a little. But whatever, I am a creature that fully and completely enjoys each moment of sleep that I get. Being without for so long is crapping up my mood.

Anyway, on to actual reading fare and less about the cloud of lunacy that I seem to be slowly drifting into…

We started the audio book to get some coffee made and make a bit of food for the kids (the Husband has been utterly useless this year. No bones about it, seriously, and utterly useless). “The White Queen” by Phillipa Gregory. We don’t intend to finish it, it is just there for desperate moments such as the alarming discovery that someone has finished off the pot of coffee and someone didn’t bother to refill it as she couldn’t do so with her eyes still on her book. I on the other hand (what, you thought that someone was me?) am a coffee pro and could make a pot in my sleep, with one arm tied behind my back, as I’ve efficiently demonstrated throughout yesterday when I made numerous pots without so much as lifting my eyes from the page. Likely helps that this is my kitchen so I know where to find everything, but I won’t admit that to someone.

Currently reading: “The Adoration of Jenna Fox” by Mary E. Pearson

Books read: “Changeless”, “Blameless”, “I Am Nujood”, “Split”, “Beast”, “Three Days”, “Sirena”

Time began: 1:45 p.m. 6/3/11

Time now: 3:05 p.m. 6/4/11

Time spent reading: 23 hours

Time spent blogging: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Total time spent not reading/blogging: 0