I have changed my mind about the baby shower theme. Something just wasn’t striking me as right about the Cirque du Bebe theme. It is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, it just didn’t fit quite properly.

I’ve now decided on a woodland/forest theme. Basically your basic fairy forest theme, minus the fairy (as this shower is for a BOY!!). I’m thinking deep green and brown tablecloths, fairy lights (a.k.a. twinkle lights or Christmas lights, whatever you may call them), flowers, woodland creatures (owls, etc.), and trees. And maybe a gnome or two will sneak their way in.

Right now I’m in the process of picking out some flower patterns (that’s right folks, I have another excuse to crochet!) and browsing around on various crafty websites, looking for ideas. Of course there will be need for leaves and climbing vines. I’m not sure how I’ll attach these items (I have yet to check out the room in question) but I’ll figure something out. I hear you can do fabulous things with Command hooks, though I have yet to try them myself.

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