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With summer just around the corner, the question must be broached, what will we do all day? I thought long and hard on this one. Obviously there will be a need for lots of “field trips” to keep the chits entertained. Physical activity is also a must. When looking through the numerous offerings in our state, I decided that the first outing on the plate would be a day at the lake. Boating, fishing, all that good stuff. Memories for a lifetime, squished into the small expanse of summer.

Beyond that, there will be a need for learning. I’m all for unintentional learning, I am a firm believer in the fact that we are all lifetime learners and some of the best educational aspects of life are happened upon accidentally, through the course of our normal days. However, I also believe that there should be, in my personal life, intentional learning in place. Teaching something that might not have normally been on the plate, something that may not be in one’s personal sphere of interests. That, my friends, is how one expands one’s horizons.

Wordy though I am, that was my way of announcing that I am building a unit study. This time, I will actually post said unit study upon completion. Unit study broad topic: Lakes