I love this weekend. This is the weekend I look forward to all year. A weekend just for me, to indulge in the activity I love best: reading!

MotherReader has announced the sign-up for the 48 hour book challenge weekend and I am completely over the moon about it!! You may remember my first year of doing the challenge, I had to work. That wasn’t so great as it was therefore necessary for me to do such time-suckers as sleep and talk to coworkers. Last year, I notably took the entire time off of work and my sister came over to do the challenge with me. This year, I plan to do the same as last. I don’t currently work outside of the home (though, this being a point of contention between the Husband and myself, I may be working at that time) but whatever the case, I plan to not be working for the time of the challenge. You can check up on my older challenge tries by following the link: 48 hour book challenge entries.

I read through my old postings and realized I need to get a few things in preparation for the event. So my list is as follows:

  1. A lamp (or possibly two). My apartment is more set for comfortable living than intense, don’t fall asleep no matter what, deep reading.
  2. Comfortable, portable seating. Whether this is a few floor cushions or a couple beanbags, something must be procured.
  3. Snacks. Got to have the fuel to feed the deprived body.
  4. Books!! Lots and lots of books!

I’ve already begun to order books from my local library in preparation. I’m going for a wide variety of genres this year but I suppose my main focus will be historical fiction, science fiction, fiction, and young adult. I’m scouring book blogs for recommendations and obviously, would welcome any recommendations in the comments.

Both the Husband’s sister and my brother have been wanting to have the kids for a day for awhile now so I’m going to attempt to get the Husband to get his sister on the bandwagon for a day. For the other day I’ll be enlisting the help of my brother. Of course, the kids are relatively low-maintenance (compared to years prior) so if it comes down to it, I plan to outfit the apartment with books/games/dvds/snacks/etc. to keep the chits busy.

Last year I completed 41.5 hours of complete time. This year my goal is a full 48 hours. I want to WIN darn it! Along with coffee, this year I’ll be bringing energy drinks to the table. Plus, I’m going to supersleep the day before to ensure proper rest. I also want to read a minimum of ten books for the challenge. I’m not going to name specific titles at this point, but I want at least one title to be a classic and I’ll pull at least one title from the back of my to-read Shelfari list.

I’m so excited!