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April’s reading got entirely too far behind for my liking. But, that was due to working insane hours at my old place of work and the fact that “The Land of the Painted Caves” was extremely long and fairly dry.

Yes, I said it. I agree with the overall consensus on the last book in the Earth Children series. I’ll write about that more in a subsequent post.

I finished “The Witch’s Daughter” sometime in April as I needed something (anything) to get a break from “The Land of the Painted Caves”. While at work (now my ex-work, so delicious a feeling that I have while typing that out) I dropped my iPod on the concrete floor. It was horrible. It happened so quickly and yet so slowly. I was stuck in the moment for awhile, just staring at my poor, defenseless iPod face down on the ground. When I finally gathered the courage to pick it up and see the damage, what I saw shocked me to my core. You see, I am not the most careful with accessories. I have dropped my iPod previous to this. However, my beauty always had a protective cover on it that held it just a hair above the damaging ground. But I’d… (this is hard for me, bear with me) taken the cover off. Yes, my grief was indeed caused by my own hand. I’d taken off the cover so as to fix it (it had these interchangeable design buttons on the back) and hadn’t gotten around to putting it back on. It still works (thank all that is holy) but the screen is shattered. Shattered. Much like the state of my soul when I picked up my pride and joy from the ground and turned it over to see the amazing crack in it’s surface that dented and split into a thousand tiny pieces. I’m sure I can have it fixed. And I’m sure that it will cost as much as the device itself to do so. After all, the warranty only covers “acts of G-d” and my pure stupidity is not covered as one of those acts.

But back to the matter at hand. So after I smashed the screen I could barely stand to look at the thing anymore. So I did something that I haven’t done in awhile and I picked up one of my hardback library books. First I read “Fat Vampire” which was a bit young for my tastes. I enjoy reading young adult fiction however there is a limit to how young I prefer the writing style. I liked the book enough to recommend it to a young (13 or so) teenager, but not enough to consider buying it or even renewing the title on my library card.

I then moved quickly on (and I do mean quickly, as I shut the cover to “Fat Vampire” I went in search of my next read just moments later) to “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister” by Gregory Maguire . I have to admit, I seem to be one of few that couldn’t make it through “Wicked” written by the same author. However I enjoyed “Confessions” so much that I do believe I’m going to give “Wicked” another go, at some point. It was written well and I enjoyed the pieces of daily life slipped into the book. I am a great lover of historical fiction which most likely plays into my liking of the book but I believe that even if you are one that doesn’t particularly like the genre, you’ll still find this title engaging.

Once I finished “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister” I picked up two other reads, “Hotel Iris” and “The Wolves of Andover” which I am reading in turns as the mood inspires me. I admit that I have sunk more quickly into “The Wolves of Andover” as I am not much in the mood for hearing the sexual exploits of men, whatever they may be.

I hesitate to post my reading goals for the month as they have yet to work out for me in the past. However, I am becoming dreadfully behind my goal pace and would like to change that to taking a large step ahead this month. So I hope to read a minimum of six books this month to catch up. I’m not sure what I’ll read beyond that, I tend to pick titles as the mood moves me. But with my new expanse of time, I’m going to spend a little time catching up on various book blogs to see what I should add to my library list.