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I put “The Witch’s Daughter” on the back burner for March when I remembered that the last book in the Earth’s Children series was coming out. I was wavering on the idea of rereading the other books in the series and finally decided that I would. I couldn’t find my copy of “The Clan of the Cave Bear” so I started with my favorite book in the series, “The Valley of the Horses”. I then read “The Mammoth Hunters”. I quickly lost my copy of “The Plains of Passage”, a new (to me) copy that I’d bought to replace the other copy that I’d already lost. I believe I left it at work but I’m not sure. I’m not going to buy a third copy of a book that I already own (my coworkers don’t read much to my knowledge, I’m sure that if the book is there it is secure from theft) and I didn’t feel like starting the new book yet. So I began “The Witch’s Daughter” again.

Today I realized that I hadn’t bought Janet Jackson’s new book yet, “True You”. I attempted to buy it through Nook, my preferred ereader but it gave me a hassle over the password I can’t remember and I’ve yet to receive my password reset email. So I bought it through Kindle instead. I’m so excited about reading her book. I believe I’ve said it before but it deserves repeating. Janet Jackson is the most talented, intelligent, beautiful artist EVER in the history of the world! So I’m super excited about her first book. I’m just a couple pages in right now but it seems great thus far! I’m glad I’m not disappointed.

I’m super behind on my reading goal list for the year. So I’m aiming to read six books in the month of April. “True You”, “The Witch’s Daughter”, and “The Land of the Painted Caves” are all on my list. The other three I’m unsure about but I’m leaning towards hitting the mountain of library books begging my attention.

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