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So I went to the Janet concert Saturday night and was so HYPED!!! to be there! It was freaking great! My seats absolutely sucked rear but it was still completely and utterly fantastic. I regret that I forgot to buy the tickets until a few weeks into the sale though, I ended up in the absolute worst seats ever! There were seriously only like six rows behind me. It was bad. But Janet was fan-freaking-tastic!

But, get this, I found out after the concert that I could have gotten front seat, VIP tickets for FREE!!! So disappointing after the fact! Oh, and I will never call Ticketmaster to buy tickets again. Total flub there. I believe the idiot I bought them from just gave me whatever came up first. I have a few names for him, none of which are publish-friendly. Just rest assured, I deeply dislike that man.

However, like I said, the concert was totally great! I mean, world changing, excitement making, fantastical creating, GREAT! I have made a decision though. Her next concert (which I will TOTALLY be attending, of course!) I will pay for VIP tickets. I don’t care about the cost, I want to be close to the stage. Janet Jackson is incredibly beautiful, incredibly talented, and the best, the uncontested, none stand above her, BEST artist EVER. FOR-EV-ER! I’m still high on the experience! It was so… Yeah, so GREAT!!! to be there!

I’m so excited, I’m hot!!

I LOVE Janet Jackson!!!