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Dude, you so totally have to check this out! (That’s right, I called you “dude”.) Seriously, I am amazed at the incredible detail that this inventive, imaginative playhouse has outside. I’m making one. That is it, I am MAKING one of these things for my Belle. I am seriously blown away. This was going to be one of my general linky posts but this project, this craft, this piece of functional ARTWORK deserves a piece of its own. Incredible. Amazing. Crap, I need a thesaurus. Just rest assured, this is worth your click. I am totally and completely smitten.

Felt Playhouse

I’m not going to post more pictures than just the one as I haven’t had the time to get permission from the artist but CLICK. THE. LINK. If you have a kid, if you know a kid, if you want to make something amazing and donate it to some random kid, this is the project for you.

What? You still haven’t clicked the link??? First, let me virtually smack you upside the head.

Now, listen to me.

The playhouse is entirely constructed of felt. The front of the house has a door that flips up, a window with a mesh construction (good idea there as I can see my kid taking a running leap and attempting a tuck and roll while midair trying to get through a playhouse window), and the thing that first made me gasp loud enough to disturb my sleeping husband: a window flower box. The flowers come out. ‘Nuff said.

Click the link.

On the other side of the door, you have a cool mailbox which opens for the ultimate “MAAAAIIIILLLLLL” (Blue’s Clues anyone?) time. Take a walk around the side of the house and check out Fido. He’s got his own little doggy door for proper doggy entrance into the abode.

Click the link.

Number two gasp of the night, my appreciative eye fell upon the tree. The TREE. The fantabulous, amazingly detailed tree.

Click the link!

We’ve got a little owl perched above another window (you had me at hello) and I can even overlook the rat with a tail *ahem* squirrel (chipmunk? ‘Tis all the same to me.) on the lower tree trunk.

Click. The. Link.

Good gosh, the freakin’ tree. It deserves a pic. But I’m following the rules of etiquette here and only giving you the ONE PIC TO CLICK!!! (Did I mention there are some free templates? Yes, greedy crafters, I said FREE. No. I’m not giving you a link to the templates, they are linked to in the post so click the link!)

Where was I? Oh yeah, the garden (the picture I chose to showcase the LINK at the top). Feeling a little peckish? Grab you some fresh felt veggies from the yard. Go ahead and plant those babies right back when you’re done. Save me a leaf of lettuce, would ya?

The idea for a basket weave corn on the cob is a great one and I’m totally stealing it. Yoink! Idea stolen, firmly planted in both my brain and my link history.

Check out the flikr pool while you’re at it. You must.

You haven’t clicked the link yet?


Click the link.