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What does this have to do with baby showers, you ask? Technically, not much. But I have been interested in mosaics ever since I saw an amazing one on Craftster. I’ve been waiting for a perfect opportunity to try my hand at this amazing artwork and it looks like this baby shower has finally given me a perfect excuse! As it will be a summer shower, I’m thinking light and airy will be my theme, no matter the actual “theme” of the party. Mosaics fit right into that. Even if I decide against making something mosaic for the baby shower, it is definitely on my goal list for this year’s crafts.

While I don’t have the original link that inspired me, I do have a bunch of goodies to appease your eyes.

Contemporary Mosaic Art (tutorials, forum, etc.)

Stained Glass Mosaic


Green Mosaic Candle Holder


A Fish for Olivia


Stained Glass Mosaic Window


And on to the tutorials…

Reverse Mosaic Method


Winsome Windows Fiber Mosaic


Basic Mosaic Tutorial


Mosaic Grout Tutorial