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See, what had happened was…

Out here in the great state of Texas, one knows you’re about to get lied to when someone starts a sentence this way. I’m not going to lie to you, dear readers, I’m just going to state the facts.

I’m a list maker. Not a list follower. Perhaps I should just be honest with myself and stop attempting (and by attempting I mean remembering said list and shrugging it off to embrace my current decision) to be a list follower when I am, at heart, purely a list maker.

So, that was my roundabout way of saying, once again I abandoned my reading list. I picked up and started reading a few books but either couldn’t get interested or once interest was found, it was quickly lost. I finally gave up and went searching for something that struck my fancy. So for the month of March I have read (counts continuous from year, to better keep count):

5. “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness

6. “Reaper” by Rachel Vincent

I’m currently reading “The Witch’s Daughter” by Paula Brackston.

I loved “A Discovery of Witches” so much so that I recommended it to my sister. I bought it through the Nook app on my iPod and once I got into the story I zoomed along, reading it every chance I could get. “Reaper” was an entertaining young adult novella which peaked my interest enough to get me to look into the rest of the series. However, I was hesitant to get involved with another series, so I utilized my book trackers to find a book similar to “A Discovery of Witches” which is how I stumbled into “The Witch’s Daughter”. I’m liking the book so far but I’ll reserve my judgment for when I have finished.

The highly anticipated (at least by me!) sixth, and I believe last, book of the Earth’s Children series will be released March 29th. I’ve already preordered my copy through Nook and am absolutely over the moon about it! I wavered a bit, trying to decided whether I’d reread the other books or just pick up with the new one (as I’ve read each multiple times with the earlier novels probably hitting double digit reread levels) but I’ve decided to reread the series in preparation. Multiple points came into play but what eventually won me over is the fact that I love the series thus am always looking for a reason to reread it and also that my last reread was quite awhile ago so I may have forgotten some vital point. But mainly because I love and adore the series! (Seriously, are you getting the depth of my book lust here? I think not… Imagine me, panting and kissing the books furiously while growling like a mad woman if anyone comes near my copy and you come close to how much I love the writings of Ms. Auel.)

So that’s what has been and will be on my (mostly figurative, in this case) shelf for the month of March. April and May are busy times for me, both in work and personal life, but I’m sure that through it all, I’ll keep reading. Though perhaps at a slower pace. Now if I can just stick to one book at a time!