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In the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to be posting my favorite free tutorials and patterns for the holidays. Every day until the day of Christmas. Now, unlike other blogs, I can’t promise you that length will be a consideration. I have many pulls on my time (including actually completing some of the tutes myself!) and I can’t say that I’m going to organize these tutes into “time to make” categories. Anyway, I’ve always felt that the timelines given are mostly subjective… Ok, ok, I’ll give up. I’m just being lazy. But enjoy the free offerings anyway!

Christmas Stocking Scarf


Quick & Easy Christmas Stocking

I believe this one is free if you add it to your cart. However, I haven’t done it yet myself, so keep your eyes open for a price tag.

SmoothFox's Christmas Tree Skirt


Tiny Totes

Christmas Mini Skewers

Owl Ornaments