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I am finished. After my last posting I got through half of Eat, Pray, Love (a book I started reading quite awhile ago, put down, and resumed last night on page 19) and another chunk of The Time Traveler’s Wife. At three I passed out and I proceeded to take a “nap”. I wasn’t meaning to fall asleep at all, much less for over an hour. My sister said she tried to wake me but that I just went right back to sleep with each attempt. Definitely not enough coffee.

So altogether, my stats:

Time spent reading/blogging: 41 hours, 33 minutes

Number of books completed: 7

Titles of books read: Afterbirth; The Book of Witches; The Year of Living Biblically; What the Dormouse said; Vale of the Vole; China Dog; The Time Traveler’s Wife (incomplete); Eat, Pray, Love (incomplete)

This year I went about it from another angle. Most notably, my sister spent the entire 48 hours at my apartment, doing the challenge with me. That was interesting and made it even more fun. I also took the time off of work, which enabled me to concentrate on just reading, which was great.

Next year I’m going to get more sleep the night prior to the challenge. Only getting a few hours of sleep the night before really put a dent in my energy level.

Altogether, I had a really great time with this. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Now, I must take a shower. Immediately.

Edited: I forgot to add China Dog in my totals. I am so sleepy. I’ll link this to the Finish Line post on MotherReader as soon as it is put up.