Ok so… 25 hours, 14 minutes minus 3 hours, 13 minutes is…


22 hours, 1 minute of reading/blogging (so far I’m around an hour and a half blogging, under the allowed amount of time but I am apparently one of the slowest readers known to man so must concentrate my hazy brain powers to reading in order to break the self-imposed six book minimum that I set for myself for this weekend).

I am highly impressed with myself and my sister. Last year I believe I was just over 32 hours (verified through old blog posts: 32 hours, 15 minutes) so I’m well on my way to breaking that. Taking the two days off of work has worked great as it doesn’t matter if I’m blubbering deliriously in my sleep-deprivation. The only ones to hear it are my sister (equally delirious) and you readers, which, if you are reading this, you understand my need to sleep as little as possible. And skip showers. What? TMI? Never.

Back to reading!

ETA: With the time it took me to type this post/check my facts, I’m close to two hours blogging.