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29 hours, 35 minutes  in  and I’ve read/blogged 26 hours and 20 minutes!

Time spent not reading/blogging: 3 hours, 15 minutes

Books read: 5 (!)

So I’m going to spend a tiny bit of time doing a few reviews of what I’ve read so far:

1. Afterbirth edited by Dani Klein Modisett

I liked this collection of stories. It was a pretty even book with stories that made me laugh and stories that made me shake my head in wonder. Cute book. Wouldn’t buy it but I would definitely recommend it to a parent.

2. The Book of Witches by Tim Dedopulos

This book was interesting at points. I put the book down at one point and expressed my disgust at the part of the book that described one witch as “coloured”. Yeah. I already bought this book but for that reference alone, I may be selling it back to the used bookstore. Kind of ruined the rest of the book for me. And when I say kind of, I mean that I was livid and pissed throughout the rest of the book.

3. The Year of Living Biblically by A. J. Jacobs

This book was pretty funny at times. It also taught me quite a bit that I didn’t know about the Bible. All in all, it was a pretty good read. I think that if I were in his wife’s shoes, I might not have been so understanding about his adhering to the avoidance during menstruation rule. So I respect her for being so seemingly willing to put up with a lot of… Out of place behavior. I’d been mildly interested in reading Jacobs’ book about reading the encyclopedia from A to Z prior to finishing this book but now I’m definitely adding it to my reading list.  I don’t own The Year of Living Biblically so it is going on my “to own, someday” list. For example, if I happen to see it for a decent price at a bookstore someone might get jabbed in the ribs in my frantic lunge for the copy.

4. What the Dormouse Said collected by Amy Gash

This book was a cute, fast read. It is a collection of quotes from children’s books. Some made me smile with recognition (almost all of The Phantom Tollbooth quotes, which I loved first as a movie and then a book) and others made me jot down the title for later reference (The Peterkin Papers).

5. China Dog and Other Tales from a Chinese Laundry by Judy Fong Bates

I’ve long been interested in Asian (especially Chinese) stories. I believe I started loving the tales after reading The Joy Luck Club. I saw this on sale at a used bookstore and picked it up on a whim, specifically to read during the 48 hour challenge. I’m glad I did, it was certainly the best $1.80 I ever spent on a book. The tales were entertaining and just plain delightful. Seriously, I’m not sure how many times I’ve called something “delightful” in my life but that’s what sprang to mind when I attempted to voice my feelings about this book. It has earned a permanent space on my bookshelves.

So, I’m going to make the rounds for a bit prior to delving into another book. Happy reading to you all!