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Another book read: Vale of the Vole by Piers Anthony. From the Xanth series (which I love).

I’m beginning to get a little punch drunk so I’m again going to turn on the audio book (I believe we’re on disc 3 now) and I’ll either take a quick bath (shower will likely drown out the sound) or possibly clean a bit of the havoc we’ve created. Or I might just get to reading another book.

Having only 11 hours ahead until the end takes the edge off the sleep deprivation.

Time spent not reading: 4 hours

Time spent reading/blogging: 33 hours. I broke the bar I set for myself in last year’s challenge and I still have 11 hours of reading time ahead of me!! I am most certain that I won’t win as I’ve wasted entirely too much time but still, it is exciting and fun!

Off to comment a bit before getting back to reading.