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Time spent not reading: 3 hours and 13 minutes

I am blurry eyed and this is the best calculation I can give you at this point.  We started reading at 8:15 a.m. yesterday, we’ve been keeping track of our breaks and such. But it is beyond my mental abilities at this point to figure out how much time that leaves me. Plus, last time I blogged I spent the majority of my blogging time counting on my fingers and toes as numbers swam before my exhausted eyes and I argued with my sister about the right way to add. Yeah.

My sister and I took turns taking a nap so that we could wake each other up after 20 minutes. Then, she asked me to pass the caffeine and (she claims) I passed out. I prefer to think of it as giving her a much needed break. I mean, after all, she is a newbie. So I pretended to pass out so that she could sleep a bit more. And I figured, hey, since I’m pretending I may as well put my whole heart into it. It is called method acting, people.

We’re well into the second disk of The Time Traveler’s Wife. I put down The Year of Living Biblically to read the more light-hearted What the Dormouse Said. I’ve picked The Year of Living Biblically back up and am in the final pages now.

The Husband took the kids on a trip today which means I get the delightful space to read in peace. Of course, the kids complained all morning as they were expecting another day full of “gimmes” and “you got its”. Haha, silly kids. Surely they realized that two days of complete Henry VIII type ruling was not on the agenda.

Off to post some comments on some blogs!