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Well, 17 hours in and I just had to ask my sister, “Am I counting wrong? Can you help me?”, at which point we had to count on our fingers to figure out our time. We have mutually decided that we are the slowest among readers, she’s only four books in and I’m only on my third. To be fair, we have also started our audio book “reading” (The Time Traveler’s Wife) but still… We both thought we were faster readers than this. I’ve decided to blame the fatigue.

I’ve picked up “The Year of Living Biblically” by A. J. Jacobs. I started reading it sometime earlier this year (normally this is where I’d scour my blog for the earliest reference to the material, as well as double and triple checking with my various book tracking websites. Normal being the operative word, meaning, when I’m not hopped up on caffeine yet still woozy with sleepiness) It is pretty entertaining so far. I’ve put aside my fear of being offended and instead am just reading with pure interest. Interesting the barriers that come down once one is deep into their second pot of coffee with countless Cokes rounding off each mug.

More ideas for next year: Beanbags. Lots of them. Enough to make a pallet in the middle of my living room floor in which I (and possibly my sister should this become a traditional thing) can flop into while in the middle of a dazed tantrum in which I flop around the couch, hopelessly seeking a comfortable position that won’t make one of my appendages fall (painfully) asleep.

By the way, the stats below are only mine, my sister has been reading through my blogging (though I see jealous little glares over the cover from time to time, I’ll convert her yet!) which means she’s read for my combined reading/blogging time.

Time spent reading: 15 hours and 30 minutes

Time spent blogging: 55 minutes

It took us an uncomfortably long time (close to three minutes) to figure out how much time I’ve spent blogging vs. reading (20 + 30 = 50, shouldn’t be hard, right? Wrong. I don’t operate well on no sleep.)

Another thing to remember for next year: Don’t spend the night before the challenge hanging out with relatives until 2 a.m. when resolved to start at 7:30 a.m. Me needs me sleep.